Thank you for your interest in the Sindhi Voices Project. This project is currently inactive. We are no longer conducting oral histories. We encourage you to share oral histories with the 1947 Partition Archive. Thank you for your support!


Sindhi Voices Archive

In an attempt to explore recent formations of Sindhi regional and cultural identity, we propose turning to a most vibrant and meaningful source:  the oral histories of Sindhi elders.  This group is broadly defined to include individuals that, after the 1947 partition of India, left Sindh, stayed in Sindh, migrated from India into Sindh, and those that received emigrant Sindhis.

We aim to not only broaden understandings of Sindhi identities and communities, but also to examine the ways history and identity are constructed, perceived, and passed on.


  • empower and engage Sindhi communities in documenting their own histories and life stories,
  • develop an accessible digital space where people can view and hear oral histories
  • mobilize an interview team to travel throughout areas where there are significant populations of Sindhis and mobilize community members to work locally in their areas to record interviews with elders and,
  • consolidate interviews recorded from other Sindhi oral history projects into one, extensive collection

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