We are very thankful for the growing enthusiasm for this project! Alongside people contributing to SVP through the oral history process and other hands-on opportunities, we appreciate financial and in-kind support that is aligned with our values. Your support will be helping adults and youth to hear and document Sindhi voices across the globe.

We can securely process your contributions via PayPal:

Your financial contributions will help to:                                                                                       develop an interactive, online platform and web design                                                             distribute outreach and oral history workshop materials                                                         edit audio and video media                                                                                                           purchase audio/video equipment to share with interviewers                                               secure a home (server space) for the life narratives                                                                   support travel to conduct workshops, trainings, and interviews                                           translate workshop, website, and videos

In-kind support – audio recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, and media storage are also welcome. We’re open to hearing other unique ways of helping, please contact us.

Notes on finances: We started with the personal savings of our founding director. Interns, advisory committee members, and directors are unpaid.  Unfortunately, your donations are currently not tax-deductible. We are moving towards gaining tax-exempt status.