**Spring 2015 Update**

Please do contact us if you’d like to join! Our response may be delayed as we are focusing on creating a digital space for the archive. Thank you for your patience.


1) Share or Gather Stories.

  • Are you an elder who is 70 or above? Do you know an elder 70 or above who would be open to sharing their life stories with us?  Then please provide us with contact information – we want to hear everyone’s story and memories!  Use this form or contact us with their brief biographical details and current address.
  • Using the field kit, record an interview with an elder that you are acquainted with and submit the recording to our archive.
  • Don’t have an elder in mind to interview, but still want to record an interview using our field  kit? Contact us with your location and we will connect you with an interviewee from our database!

2) Join the team!
We are looking for creatively and technically inclined people that are aligned with our project objectives and can volunteer themselves to the development and implementation of this project over the next year.  Particularly, we are looking for people who have experience and can assist in web design, mobilizing the interview process in their local areas, research, creative direction, translation, video/audio editing, exhibit curating, publicity, and grant-writing. You do not have to identify as, “Sindhi”, to participate. Fill out this form to let us know how you want to help and we’ll get in touch with you.

3) Support the project.
Visit our contribute page to share your financial or in-kind contributions.

4) Collaborate.
Are you interested in creating a similar project with communities dear to you? We would love to share ideas and work together.

5) Stay Connected.
We’d love to keep you updated on our happenings. Please let us know the best way to send you updates.