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  1. Waheed Ali Lakho says:

    I hope you are fine. I went to the website I appreciate your efforts regarding the collection of the voices of our Elders about their precious life spent in Sindh and outside of it during the partition of 1947.
    It gave the immense pleasure reading this all the questionnaires developed for asking the questions.
    It is really like collecting the true treasure of Sindh and Sindhis otherwise this treasure and memories will be finishing if we fail to get the information from our Aba/Dada and Nana and Kaka and Oldest females.
    I wish and appreciate all SindhVoices Team and its asset members for writing the another History of Sindh “The Old Living Sindh”

  2. Nice effort,
    All the best ….
    Team –
    email :

  3. Sunaina Chugani says:

    I have have browsed through your initiatives and am impressed and inspired by your efforts to document the voices of Sindhi elders. Thank you for all the work you do on this important project!

    I was wondering if you could respond to a few questions I have.

    First, documentation and creating an archive is a commendable effort, but these resources will not be exploited to their full potential if scholars, artists, etc. do not know about them. What are your plans for ensuring that people know about these archives?

    Second, it seems the Sindh story is one that revolves around partition and the drawing of boundaries. Is there going to be any effort made to connect this story to the other stories of partitions and boundaries present in other communities?

  4. Suresh Mandan USA says:

    One of the most laudable project.(Dhado sutho aahey).It is thru such initiatives that the culture of Sindh will continue to live forever.If none records the history of partition,soon there will be very few survivors left who can tell the original story.I wish someone could do something similar on people from Punjab who came to India during 1947.

  5. nmsindhivoices says:

    Thank you all for your enthusiasm for this project. Your words are energizing.
    Here is our response to questions posed above: We agree that it is important to spread the news about the growing interviews and future archive to wider audiences. So far, we have been fortunate to be able to share updates and our goals via web-based and printed articles that range widely in their target audiences. We know these outlets are not accessible to everyone. There are also a number of community-based Sindhi groups and oral history initiatives that continue to help spread the news of this project. Our archives will also take the form of “Traveling Voices” (See the Initiatives-future section of website). A traveling multimedia archive would return to places interviews have been conducted to share elders’ stories with each other as well as be available to be shared at cultural gatherings, academic events and museums. In terms of the question regarding plans to connect to other communities – Yes, we are working to make connections with other stories of partitions and broader communities. Do let us know if you have any suggestions on who, what, or where!

  6. Ashfaque Talpur says:

    You can not just stop yourself from shedding tears whenever you look back into the history about the time when our beloved brother were forced to leave their motherland ‘Sindh’. A very Peaceful nation torn apart and poisoned into radicalism. I wish if all sindhi people can live in Sindh again and for ever.
    further Good work by Sindh Voices. keep it up

  7. the time spirit is in favour of Sindhi voices. At least 3 persons have contacted me for first hand information on partition. Pl. a humble request to the team members- read my latest novel AT THE WEDDING…a tale of ROOTS ..Romance…Prophecy published by Promilla&co. Delhi. It has a first hand account of Karachi Bomb blast of 1947 which actually was an accident. Read the other chapters which reveal Sindhi Culture. Aruna Jethwani

  8. Jaikishan Jeshwani says:

    Great work, keep it up guys, Sindh amar ravndho 🙂

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